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Current Issue: 2021, Vol: 11, Issue: 1 (March 25)

DOI Prefix: 10.36380


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11_Fermented_canola_meal_on_performance_of_broilerResearch Paper

Effects of Diet Containing Fermented Canola Meal on Performance, Blood Parameters and Gut Health of Broiler Chickens.

Elbaz AM.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 01-07, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100001-11


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1234_Virus-induced_Neoplastic_DiseasesResearch Paper

Clinicopathological Findings in Suspected Cases of Virus-induced Neoplastic Diseases in Commercial Layer Chickens in Nigeria.

Sani NA, Ugochukwu CI, Abalaka SE, Saleh A, Muhammed MS, Oladele SB, Abdu PA, and Njoku C.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 08-15, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100002-11


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1266_Drinking_Water_on_Yield__Meat_Quality_of_BroilerResearch Paper

Effect of Pre-Slaughter Antacid Supplementation of Drinking Water on Carcass Yield and Meat Quality of Broiler Chickens.

Namted S, Srisuwan K, Bunchasak C, and Rakangthong C.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 16-21, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100003-11


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18_Acetaminophen_and_Vitamin_SupplementResearch Paper

Effects of Acetaminophen and Vitamin Supplement on Feed intake, Body Weight, and Acute Pain Responses of Pullets Subjected to Beak-trimming.

Okoroafor ON, Okereke HN, and Udegbunam RI.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 22-30, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100004-11


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1263_Egg_Storage_Length_on_HatchabilityResearch Paper

Effect of Egg Storage Length on Hatchability and Survival of Koekoek Chickens.

Molapo SM, Mahlehla M, Kompi PP, and Taoana M.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 31-35, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100005-11


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23_Fish_Meal_by_Maggot_MealResearch Paper

The Effect of Substitution of Fish Meal by Maggot Meal (Hermetia Illucens L) on the Relative Length of Digestive Tract, Histomorphology of Small Intestines, and the Percentage of Carcass Parts in Native Chickens.

Auza FA, Purwanti S, Syamsu JA, and Natsir A.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 36-46, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100006-11


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1262_vitamins_minerals_fatty_acids_amino_acidsResearch Paper

The Effects of Mixed Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids and Amino Acids Supplementation into Drinking Water on Broiler Chickens’ Performance and Carcass Traits.

Sadarman, Arisandi R, Hamid A, Saleh E, Zain WNH, Sholikin MM, Prihambodo TR, Harahap RP, Solfaine R, Sofyan A, and Irawan A.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 47-52, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100007-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

14_Mareks_Disease_VirusResearch Paper

Sero-Epidemiology of Marek’s Disease Virus on Local and Exotic Chickens in the Northwest Ethiopia.

Birhan M, Berhane N, Bitew M, Gelaye E, Getachew B, Zemene A, Birie K, Temesgen W, and Abayneh T.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 53-63, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100008-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1207_Biosecurity_Practices_of_Poultry_FarmsResearch Paper

Biosecurity Practices and Characteristics of Poultry Farms in Three Regions of Cameroon.

Tatfo Keutchatang FDP, Bouelet Ntsama IS, Medoua Nama G, and Kansci G.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 64-72, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100009-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1258_Progesterone_on_Arabic_Gold_ChickenResearch Paper

Egg Production, Fertility, Hatchability and Luteinizing Hormone Profile of Progesterone Hormone Injected to Arabic Gold Chicken (Gallus turcicus).

Iswati I, Natsir MH, Ciptadi G, and Susilawati T.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 73-82, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100010-11

[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

16_Respiratory_DiseasesResearch Paper

Etiology of Respiratory Diseases of Poultry Farms in the North Coast of Egypt.

El-Samahy HS and Mourad DM.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 83-95, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100011-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Research Paper

Isolation and Identification of Newcastle Disease Virus from Ducks Sold at Traditional Livestock Market Center in Indonesia.

Azizah AN, Anwar Ch, and Rahardjo AP.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 96-100, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100012-11


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1224-control_of_E._coli__in_Broiler_via_Lactobacillus_casei_from_NonoResearch Paper

Control of Intestinal E. coli Infection in Broiler Chicks Using Lactobacillus casei Isolated from Nono.

Ikele OM, Ezeonu IM, and Umeh ChN.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 101-109, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100013-11


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1400-30--Formalin_in_Pathogenic_Attenuation_of_Eimeria_tenellaResearch Paper

Formalin Potentials in the Pathogenic Attenuation of Eimeria tenella based on Oocyst Productions.

Anggraini RD, Luqman EM, and Budhy S.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 110-115, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100014-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

21-Diallel_Analysis_on_Breast_and_Thigh_MuscleResearch Paper

Diallel Analysis on Breast and Thigh Muscle Traits in the Cross of Three South African Indigenous Chicken Genotypes.

Tyasi TL, Ng’ambi JW, and Norris D.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 116-122, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100015-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1400-29_-_Chicken_Liver_Infected_by_L2_Toxocara_VitulorumResearch Paper

Histopathology Description of Chicken Liver Infected by L2 Toxocara Vitulorum.

Auliyah R, Kusnoto, and Hamid IS.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 123-128, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100016-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]

1300-6-_Red_and_Blue_Light_on_EggsResearch Paper

Effects of Red and Blue Light during the Incubation of Turkey Eggs on Hatchability Performance and Expression Pattern of Some Myogenic Regulatory Genes.

Abd El Naby WSH, Basha HA, Ibrahim SE, and Abo-Samaha MI.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 129-135, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100017-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]


Research Paper

Morphobiometric Characteristics and Biodiversity of Indigenous Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris) in Benin.

Orounladji BM, Tozo SK, and Chrysostome CAAM.

J. World Poult. Res. 11(1): 136-150, 2021; pii: S2322455X2100018-11


[Abstract] [Full text-PDF]